Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and having a productive January!

Today I am going to give you a detailed review on my experience with the Garnier Face Sheet Masks that I recently got my hands on. So let’s get started!

The product is the GARNIER SKIN NATURALS SERUM MASK. It comes in 3 variants-


You can get it from Nykaa right here!

Now, I got my hands on 2 out of 3 variants, the Hydra Bomb and the Sakura White. I’ve recently been dealing with heavily dry skin with dullness and sensitivity, so I opted out of the Light Complete variant.

Both the masks are meant for intense hydration but my experience with both the masks have been slightly different.

  • HYDRA BOMB SERUM MASK– This comes in a blue silver packaging, retails for 99 INR. The mask contains antioxidant pomegranate and hyaluronic acid serum. It claims to intensely rehydrate, replump skin and replenish moisture. This mask claims to provide a week worth of serum in just 15 minutes!

My experience- The mask actually hydrates my skin intensely, it’s super hydrating. I have never felt a mask hydrate my skin this well ever before. Also, the mask is suitable for sensitive skin which is amazing for me, it was soothing to say the least. It left my skin feeling soft and glowy and moisturized. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re experience heavily dry skin, I love this one!

  • SAKURA WHITE SERUM MASK- This comes in a pink-silver packaging, retails for 99 INR. This is also a hydrating mask with also adds a pinkish glow to your skin. It contains Japanese Sakura and hyaluronic acid serum. The rest of the product is pretty similar to the other 2 variants.

My experience- If you’re dealing with dry skin that’s dull and flaky, look no further and grab this baby! I have not seen my skin glow this way ever before after an application of a 15 minute sheet mask. It’s amazing and it’s probably my number 1 favorite sheet mask in the entire universe of sheet masks that I’ve tried yet!

Overall, I’d say the product is a definite worth it. It’s cost effective, very very hydrating and you always can get them online from any website easily. Morever, one difference in these sheet masks is that the sheets are thicker than The Face Shop ones, which I think is better as there is less release of moisture from the sheet mask into the atmosphere. I absolutely think you should give this a chance atleast once, you won’t be disappointed.

Do let me know if you give these a try.

See you, my loves! Take care. Xx.


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