ESSENTIALS IN A GIRL’S BAG- Must Haves For All Ages!

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing well and having a perfect week!

So, over the past few years, as I transitioned from a sort-of tomboy-ish teen to a 22 year old who absolutely adores makeup, I have learnt that there are a few ESSENTIALS which are absolutely crucial to have in a girl’s bag. So let me tell you a little about these items and WHY you need them in your bag. Let’s go!
  • TISSUES– They could be dry tissues, wetwipes or even facial tissues- it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do carry it AT ALL TIMES. They come in handy for literally everything- makeup removal, to wipe off the sweat and oil off your face, if you don’t find toilet paper in public toilets! It’s so useful and I usually carry baby wet wipes with me. They are gentle, smell so good and are useful for so many purposes.
  • VASELINE– Another OG in my bag! Why? Well. It’s an all rounder product. If you can’t carry a lot of products in your bag, just carry this one product and you’re set! Believe me. It works as a lip balm(obviously), moisturizer, hand cream, mix this with your lipstick to make blushes and eyecream, some on your brows and lashes to set them. It’s a perfect product for peeps who don’t want to carry their entire dressing in their bags and still want to make sure to look a little put together. Love VASELINE to bits!

  • HAIR TIES– Please carry a hair tie with you at all times. Even if you have shorter hair, it comes in handy if somebody with longer hair needs it. It’s an essential I definitely cant live without, especially in summers!

  • HAND CREAM- This product is something that has been in my bag for the past 2 years now. Sometimes, normal moisturizer really don’t do the job of keeping your hands supple, which is why it’s so important to carry them. I usually carry the Face Shop Hand Cream in Snow Cotton. I love it!
  • HAIR BRUSH– This is again something that is easy and handy for the people who want to look put together at all times. I usually carry a small one in my bag and it’s always handy!

  • FACE MIST– Another holy grail especially for girls with dry skin. It provides instant hydration and freshness if you’re feeling dry and patchy. Morever, I feel like it also protects us from the dirt and pollution to some extent, definitely recommend carrying one. You can make your own home made mists too(blog on it real soon)!

  • SOME MAKEUP– I like to carry my lipstick or lipliner with me at all time, mostly because I like to keep my look put together. On summer days, I carry a contour and powder duo, helps me to look highlighted and chiseled all day! You can carry mascara, kohl pencil, blush- whatever you feel like. It just is an extra step to looking put together for some emergency meeting or parties!

  • TAMPONS/PANTY LINERS– Another hot favorite or may I say crucial product is tampons or panty liner. If you’re about to hit your period or unsure of when you might chum, just carry it along in your purse, just makes your life a little easier and stress-free.

  • PERFUME– Who doesn’t like to smell good, am I right? I do! I love carrying a travel size bottle of my favorite perfume which is the Titan Skinn Nude at the moment, so that I can spritz it on me whenever I feel dull and sweaty. Saves me from a lot of embarrassment, trust me!
  • GUM/MINTS– Bad breath is a pet peeve of most people. So carrying gum or mints with you is actually a very good idea. They’re cheap and available almost everywhere. I carry mints with me almost every day, I think it also adds to my confidence and of course, no bad breath to worry about!

  • SOME SNACK– I like to do this when I travel or go out without breakfast. Carrying an emergency snack in your bag at all times is actually a great investment as it can really come in handy in school, at college, work meetings, travel plans, etc. Power bars or KitKats are the best in my opinion as they fill you up and are yummy at the same time. You can make your own granola bars and take them in a tiny little tiffin box too if you want to be extra healthy!

That’s my list, guys! I hope you all enjoyed this blog. Do let me know about your favorite items in your bag. I’d love to read them.

Also, connect with me on Instagram, let’s all support each other and become great friends! I love you all. Bye!


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