Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing well and having a really good day ahead.
So, for the second edition of Battle Of The Brands, I thought really hard about a product (skincare) that’s universal to all, something that everybody uses and would love to relate to.
So I stumbled upon the idea to compare my FAVORITE skincare product- BODY WASHES!

I absolutely adore body washes, they make me feel so beautiful and smooth and I smell nice straight out of the shower. I have quite the collection of body washes so it’s only justified that I compare two body washes with similar properties.

For those who are reading this blog before the first one, let me tell you about this series once. So, I am starting this new series of blogs called Battle Of The Brands. I will review two products of the same genre- one from a well-known International brand or an expensive brand and one from an Indian(preferably) brand or a lesser expensive one. However, I am not going to compare scents or flavors rather I’d concentrate on similar consistencies, textures and productivity.

So let’s get into this blog real quick!
The two body washes that I am comparing today are the St. Ive’s Vanilla Body Wash and The Vaadi Herbals Body Wash(Rose and Mogra).
St. Ive’s is a brand under Unilever USA which draws inspiration from the nature and makes skincare products that’s affordable and effective.
Vaadi Herbals is an Indian based company that specializes in products inspired fron Aromatherapy and healing properties of herbals and natural products.

Both the body washes are paraben free, soothing and claims to really well. Let’s get into it in details-
ST. IVE’S VANILLA BODY WASH- This product is one of my holy grails. It smells incredibly delicious, leaves you smooth and moisturized. It doesn’t strip your skin off of it’s natural oils, and you can really feel the body wash sooth and relax you after a long day at work or at school. I know it’s a drugstore product and it’s price is actually 350 INR which isn’t that steep either, but in comparison it definitely is a little more pricey. We get 400 ml of product which is an absolute treat for people who use body wash on a daily basis. I have used my bottle for almost 4 months now and it’s still going on(almost empty)! It’s paraben free and contains various oils which hydrates your skin to it’s core.

VAADI HERBALS ROSE AND MOGRA BODY WASH- This body wash is again very soothing. It claims to work on pigmentation and dullness of skin, which to be honest, I haven’t seen a difference in. I do feel it’s very refreshing and calming to your senses. The product smells more like bloom rose essential oil which I am not a huge fan of. Again, it’s paraben free and contains olive oil and rose oil which are super hydrating for your skin. It contains 300 ml of product for 200 INR, which again is very affordable and wonderful.

Overall Comparison-

The St. Ive’s Body Wash and The Vaadi Herbals Body Wash have a lot in common, being paraben free and soothing. Both are affordable and is suitable for sensitive skin. However, when it comes to smell and texture, I’d have to choose the St. Ive’s Body Wash because it lasts longer, leaves your skin smoother and because the Vaadi Herbals Body Wash hasn’t really worked on my pigmentation which it does claim to help with.

So yes! We have a winner- ST IVE’S VANILLA BODY WASH.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. What are some of your favorite body washes? Let me know in the comments down below. I appreciate the support and love I’ve received and look forward to hearing from all of you.

Love you all, see you soon! 💗

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