Hello beautiful people, hope you all are doing well!

So I am starting this new series of blogs called Battle Of The Brands. I will review two products of the same genre- one from a well-known International brand or an expensive brand and one from an Indian(preferably) brand or a lesser expensive one. However, I am not going to compare scents or flavors rather I’d concentrate on similar consistencies, textures and productivity.

So let’s get into the details of today’s product- HAND CREAMS.

Hand creams are tubes of cream usually specifically designed to moisturise your hands and keep them soft and supple. If you’re someone with dry hands like me, I am sure you understand the importance of carrying a hand cream with you at all times. They are hydrating and contain essential oils and body butters that really work into your hands to give them the most effective care needed.
The two brands we’re going to compare are-
The Face Shop is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business that deals with skincare and makeup for both men and women.
The Face Shop Snow Cotton Hand Cream I absolutely adore this product. It has a slight perfume which lingers for a really long time. It has a smooth and light weight texture and isn’t greasy at all! It is super hydrating and maintains the moisture in the skin for a really long time.

This product retails for around 250-300 INR. It contains 30 ml of product which is pretty less for the given price. However, the amount that you do get is somehow worth it because of it’s performance and how effective it is, especially during the winter months.

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic is the largest Aromatherapy brand in India. With over 170 signature aromatherapy—based products including skin care, hair care, essential oils and curative oils.
Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Hand Cream- This product is another beautiful blessing for dry hands. It contains clarysage and carrot seed oil. On top of that, it’s also paraben free which is amazing! Again, it’s super hydrating and it does work really well.

This retails for around 175 INR and it contains 50g of product. I find this quite worth it given the amount as well as the price you pay for it. However, I am not too happy with the perfume/smell it has. It definitely is soothing but not a very enjoyable smell, it does vanish after a point though.
Now, here’s a comparison of the two.
The Face Shop and The Aroma Magic Hand Cream are both intense hydrating creams. They both work efficiently but The Face Shop one smells so much better. However, if you have to choose an affordable everyday use hand cream which gives a good amount of product and isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket, get your hands on the Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Hand Cream. It’s the most worth it at it’s price point and efficiency.

So that’s it! We have a winner. A close call but I’d choose the Aroma Magic Hand Cream over The Face Shop one because of the fact that it’s awesome for an everyday use cream, is inexpensive and works just as good as a hand cream as the other one. Hope they can work something nicer for the smell as well soon(fingers crossed)!
I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog. What’s your favorite hand cream yet? Leave your comments down below, I’d love to hear from you guys.
I love you all. See you next time! 💗


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