Top 5 Makeup Products That Are Absolutely Disappointing- SO DISAPPOINTED

Hello, beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well.

Now, we’ve all been there when we save up a lot of money over months to get our hands on a much hyped product and it turns out to be absolute trash! Well, here are my top 5 makeup products that let me down the most in 2018-

  • Nykaa Blendmaster– Where do I even begin with this product! I have tried my fair share of beauty blenders and sponges but nothing has disappointed me this bad. The Blendmaster claims to be “latex-free cosmetic Blender applicator that ensures seamless makeup application at all times”. However, this doesn’t do anything as it claims. It’s so hard in texture and it almost feels like you’re slapping yourself when you try to blend your foundation with it(even when it’s wet)! It doesn’t fluff up to a much bigger size either. And it’s on the pricier range of 425 INR. IT’S NOT WORTH IT.

I have sponges and blenders of much lesser prices and they work amazingly well, unlike this product.
  • Freedom Makeup London Professional Eyeshadow Pallete(Secret Rose)- This was my first ever eyeshadow pallete. It looks absolutely stunning on the screen and retails for around 1200 INR. So for the price, you’d expect a good pigmented pallete with a wide range of colors suited for all skin tones, right? WRONG. Except for 2-3 shades(shimmers), the shadows are absolutely a let down. They are similar cool toned colors that absolutely have zero pigmentation and doesn’t suit Indian skin tone. The mattes are a disappointing mess, however the shimmers do feel powdery but give a good workable amount of pigmentation. Especially the last purple shimmer shade is gorgeous. But for the price of it, it’s an absolute NO for me and I’d rather get my hands on something much better.

  • Colossal Eyeliner– Maybelline Colossal Eyeliner is another product that’s a no-go for me. It claims to be waterproof, which it clearly isn’t. It smudges everytime I make a winged liner with it(I don’t even have watery eyes). It’s not all bad, as it’s really black and dark. Easy to work with but NOT WATERPROOF.

  • Maybelline Eyebrow Duoshaper– This product has two ends. One has the pencil and the other side is a powder to set the brows in place. The powder works just fine, LOVE IT. However, the pencil is just so hard to work with and has really bad pigmentation, several strokes give you the most minimal amount of color. Hence, I don’t think I will ever be getting my hands on this product ever again.

  • Revlon Ultra HD Metallic Lipstick– Okay, I love this product otherwise. I absolutely love the color and the scent of this lipstick. But the whole Metallic and Matte concept doesn’t work well together. First of all, once it dries to a matte consistency, it looks flaky. And second, the metallic sheen is just glitter flakes, it’s chunky and it feels sandy after a while on the lips. I do love Revlon lipsticks, this isn’t one of them.

    What are some of the products you bought that absolutely let you down to your very core itself? Let me know in the comment section down below.
    I will see you guys tomorrow. Stay beautiful! 💗


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